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    Your ultimate air cargo
    solution, delivering seamless
    logistics excellence worldwide.
    Marchlog is subsidiary of March31st Logistics Limited.
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    Delivering Excellence
    Marchlog is subsidiary of March31st Logistics Limited
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    Good People Good Services.
    Marchlog is subsidiary of March31st Logistics Limited.

Ocean Freight

Our proficiency in ocean freight is unmatched, offering specialized solutions for seamless cargo management across vast seas. Whether it's full-container-load (FCL) or less-than-container-load (LCL) shipments.

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Aviation Partners

GSA For Uganda Airlines MarchLog Limited is a General Sales Agent (GSA) to Uganda Airlines Cargo in Nigeria; overseeing Freight sales, Bookings and Document collection within Nigeria.

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Air Freight

Swift And Secure Air Cargo Solutions.
Our air cargo solutions prioritize both speed and security, ensuring your shipments reach their destination quickly and safely. Tailored to your unique requirements

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Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your freight partner

Unrivaled Expertise

We are renowned for our dynamism and credibility, we are meticulously structured to be overseen by a highly trained and organized management team. Our proficient staff members contribute to the impeccable delivery of our services., we bring unparalleled expertise in the intricate world of international logistics.

Network & Reach

With a strategic office presence in key cities across Nigeria, including major airports and logistics hubs, whether its across continents or within regional borders we have established a robust network that enables us to reach customers and airlines effectively.

Transparency and Accountability

we believe in transparency at every step of the logistics process. You can trust us to provide real-time updates and ensure accountability in managing your shipments.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

We adhere to international standards and regulations, maintaining strict compliance with industry best practices to ensure the highest levels of service quality and safety.


FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are the shipping rates so volatile?
    The shipping rate is inherently volatile due to its sensitivity to various external factors, such as Currency Fluctuations, Regulatory Changes, Market Demand, Aviation fuel and the likes. Shipping companies and customers alike must closely monitor market conditions and adapt their strategies to navigate the challenges posed by fluctuating shipping rates.
  • What are the usual methods of freight payment?
    freight payments can be made on prepaid terms, (payment at origin by mobile transfers, drafts, checks etc) or on charges collect terms (payment at destination on arrival of shipment).
  • Do you handle international household moves?
    Yes, we handle international household moves.
  • How and where can we pick up the cargo at destination?
    Cargo can either be cleared and picked up at the port of destination or cargo can be delivered to doorstep of preferred delivery address depending on the recipient’s choice.
  • What do I do if I have a complaint or issue with my shipment?
    If you encounter any issues with your shipment, please contact our customer service team immediately. We are committed to resolving any concerns promptly and ensuring your satisfaction.
  • How does MarchLog ensure sustainability in its operations?
    MarchLog is committed to sustainability and implements eco-friendly practices such as optimizing routes to reduce fuel consumption, using energy-efficient vehicles, and minimizing waste in our operations. We continuously strive to minimize our environmental footprint.
  • How can I track my shipment?
    You can track your shipment easily through our online tracking system. Simply enter your tracking number on our website or contact our customer service team for assistance.
  • What types of transportation options does MarchLog offer?
    MarchLog Logistics offers a variety of transportation options including ground freight, air freight, ocean freight, and intermodal transportation to accommodate different shipping needs.

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